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GPRS Class Type

on August 24, 2007

GPRS Class Type

The class of the device determines the speed at which GPRS can be used.

For example, the majority of GPRS terminals will be able to download data at speeds of up to 24Kbps (kilobytes per second). At the higher end, speeds are theoretically possible up to 171.2 kbit/sec when 8 slots are assigned at the same time to a single user. In reality 40-50Kbps.

PC cards capable of GPRS will send data up to speeds of 48Kbps.

Compare this to current data speeds available:Type Uplink (Sending) Downlink (Receiving)
GPRS 14 kbps 28-64 kbps
GSM CSD 9.6-14 kbps 9.6-14 kbps
HSCSD 28 kbps 28 kbps
Dial-UP 56 kbps 56 kbps
ISDN Standard 64 kbps 64 kbps
ADSL 256 kbps 512 kbps
Broadband 2 Mbps 2 Mbps

GPRS Multislot Classes

Multislot classes are product dependant, and determine the maximum achievable data rates in both the uplink and downlink directions.

Written as (for example) 3+1 or 2+2, the first number indicates the amount of downlink timeslots (what the mobile phone is able to receive from the network).
The second number indicates the amount of uplink timeslots (how many timeslots the mobile phone is able to transmit).

The active slots determine the total number of slots the GPRS device can use simultaneously for both uplink and downlink communications.Multislot Class Downlink Slots Uplink Slots Active Slots
1 1 1 2
2 2 1 3
3 2 2 3
4 3 1 4
5 2 2 4
6 3 2 4
7 3 3 4
8 4 1 5
9 3 2 5
10 4 2 5
11 4 3 5
12 4 4 5

Futher Examples:
Class 2 Class 4
One Up, Two Down – (2+1) One Up, Three Down – (3+1)
8-12Kbps Send – 16-24Kbps Receive 8-12Kbps Send – 24-36Kbps Receive
Mororola Accompli A008
Trium Mondo, Sirius Motorola TimeportT260
Class 6 – Configurable between Class 8
Two Up, Three Down One Up, Four Down
16-24Kbps Send – 24-36Kbps Receive 8-12Kbps Send – 32-40Kbps Receive
Or Three Up, Two Down Ericsson T39, R520
Motorola v60i, v66i
Samsung Q200, S100
Siemens S45, ME45, M50
Trium Eclipse
24-36Kbps Send – 16-24Kbps Receive
Nokia 6310, 6510, 8310
Class 10- Configurable between Class 12- Configurable between
One Up, Four Down One Up, Four Down
8-12Kbps Send – 32-48Kbps Receive 8-12Kbps Send – 32-48Kbps Receive
Or Two Up, Three Down Or Two Up, Three Down
16-24Kbps Send – 24-36Kbps Receive 16-24Kbps Send – 24-36Kbps Receive
Philips Fisio 820 Or Three Up, Two Down
24-36Kbps Send – 16-24Kbps Receive
Or Four Up, One Down
32-48Kbps Send – 8-12Kbps Receive
Sierra Wireless Aircard 750

Class A, Class B & Class C?

The class indicates the mobile phone capabilities.

Class A
Class A mobile phones can be connected to both GPRS and GSM services simultaneously.

Class B
Class B mobile phones can be attached to both GPRS and GSM services, using one service at a time. Class B enables making or receiving a voice call, or sending/receiving an SMS during a GPRS connection. During voice calls or SMS, GPRS services are suspended and then resumed automatically after the call or SMS session has ended.

Class C
Class C mobile phones are attached to either GPRS or GSM voice service. You need to switch manually between services.

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