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Why can’t I send email?

on August 24, 2007

There may be a few reasons why you are unable to send email:

1. Ensure that your outgoing mail server on your POP client is pointing to (where is your domain name). For instructions on how to configure your POP client, browse to Configure POP settings

2. Some ISP’s do not allow their customers to send E-mail out using a third party SMTP server. Our most recent research has revealed that the following ISP’s require their customers to use their own ISP’s SMTP servers: Earthlink, Comcast, Sympatico, AT&T, Charter Communications, NetZero/Juno, MSN, and RCN.

If your ISP doesn’t allow you to send E-mail out using a third party SMTP server, we recommend that you contact them directly to verify their SMTP server settings.

During our most recent research, we were able to identify the following SMTP server addresses:

Earthlink: (To verify, visit
Comcast: (To verify, visit
Sympatico: or (To verify, visit
AT&T: (To verify, visit
Netzero: (To verify, visit
Charter Communications: (To verify, visit
MSN: (To verify, please check with your MSN provider)
RCNL: (To verify, visit (To verify, visit (CT, FL, GA, LA, NC, OH, RI, VA); (KS, NE, OK, UT, West TX); (AZ, CA, NV); (for customers
in AR, ID, LA, MI, East TX, Tyler). Port 587 may also be required for SMTP. To verify, visit
Rogers: May require port 587 for smtp. To verify, visit
AOL: May require port 587 for smtp. To verify, visit

IMPORTANT: If using port 587, please ensure that you configure your POP client for “My Outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication”.

3. Please ensure that your domain name is fully registered and that it has not expired.

If you haven’t registered your domain yet, please browse to https://controlpanel.netfirms.comlogin and follow the steps below:

(i). Login into the members control panel
(ii). Click “Domains”
(iii). Follow the onscreen prompts to register a new domain name

If your domain is already registered with Netfirms, please browse to and follow the steps below:

(i). Login into the members control panel
(ii). Click on the Billing/Renewal tab
(iii). Click the renew button next to your domain
(iv). Renew your domain and complete the process

If your domain was registered through another registrar, you have two options:

(i). If your domain registrar has not yet released the domain name, you may need to renew your domain name with your domain registrar
(ii). Or if they have released the domain name, you can register the domain name with Netfirms as a “new” domain name

4. Ensure that your domain has been registered and is pointing to the
Netfirms nameservers:

Primary Name Server:

Secondary Name Server:

5. If you are trying to send to a Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or other externally hosted account and the emails are not being delivered to the respective inbox, please check the spam, junk or bulk folder.

For instance:

(i) If your forwarding address is a hotmail account, please check the sensitivity of the Junk E-Mail Filter. Hotmail says that “…at Enhanced and Exclusive levels, wanted messages are occasionally identified as junk e-mail. Check the junk e-mail folder regularly to make sure wanted e-mail has not been moved there.”

(ii) If your forwarding address is a yahoo account, please go to the Bulk folder and check if Yahoo’s SpamGuard is turned on. Yahoo says that “…While we make our best efforts to deliver solicited commercial and non-commercial email directly to your inbox, a non-spam message may be delivered to your Bulk folder on occasion. For this reason, we recommend that the recipient check this folder periodically to ensure important messages are not missed.”

6. If your POP mail client is timing out before the emails are sent out, please click here for instructions on how extend the time-out configuration in your POP mail client (eg. Outlook, Outlook Express)

7. Verify if the computer you are trying to send email from is running the Norton Antivirus program. Norton AntiVirus Email Scanning could be having an adverse effect on sending and receiving your email. Please click here for instructions on how to send emails using POP mail client with Email scanning disabled from Norton Antivirus.

8. Verify that the computer you are trying to send email from is not running a firewall that may be interfering with SMTP traffic on port 25 or port 587. Ensure that if you are behind a firewall or proxy server that your firewall or proxy server is not blocking FTP on port 21. For information about disabling firewalls, click here.

NOTE: As an alternative to checking your mail using a POP client we suggest that you use Netfirms Webmail available from anywhere in the world at any time from: (where is your registered domain hosted at Netfirms) when you are working remotely.

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